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Villa Interior Designers in Bangalore are not many since it requires out of box concepts, rater then filling the entire house with modular furniture like in apartment.

Geetanjali UrbanX has developed a luxury contemporary style villa. The interior design of the three-story luxury villa was constructed with high tech concept materials, bespoke furnishings, and one-of-a-kind d茅cor items that represented the home owner’s style and taste, making this project exclusive and lavish. 3 bedrooms with bathrooms, dressing rooms, home office, a living room, a modern kitchen with utility area, a family sitting area room, dining room, and a lounge.

In every part of this luxury villa interior design, there are refined accents and lovely touches.

Villa Interior Designers in Bangalore
Living room design (villa interior)

villa has a fantastic color scheme. The basic colors were employed effectively, while the secondary colors added a beautiful touch to the environment.

UrbanX 1 -
Living (villa interior)

The black marble behind the television unit provides a good view of the television for a better viewing experience, and the wooden panelling makes it look clean and new. The green sofa and tv unit add a stylish touch and modernise the space.

UrbanX 20 -
Living (villa interior)
UrbanX 2 -
Dining room design

The openness of the space inspires increased creativity, connectivity, ideas, and limitless possibilities.

UrbanX 3 -
Dining room design

A rare and stunning Chandelier With Birds lighting set at the dining area, well-implemented
UrbanX 5 -
Modular kitchen

A total usage of AGL’s PHANTO Quartz creates a seamless look, even on the walls, resulting in a monotone design.

UrbanX 4 -
Modular kitchen
UrbanX 6 -
Modular kitchen
UrbanX 16 -
Master Bedroom design
UrbanX 17 -
Master Bedroom
UrbanX 18 -
Wardrobe design
UrbanX 13 -
Kids Room
UrbanX 8 -
UrbanX 14 -
Wardrobe design
UrbanX 9 -
Guest Room design
UrbanX 11 -
Guest Room
UrbanX 10 -
Guest Room Design
UrbanX 12 -
Wardrobe Design

How do I find the best villa interior designers in Bangalore?

We recommend you to follow their design philosophy, browse their projects photos or visuals. and project execution experience.

How much does interior designing cost for a villa in Bangalore?

The cost of interior work in a villa is determined by the amount of space available. On the whole, we recommend budgeting at least 30% of the construction cost for a minimal themed design. because most of the dull walls require a lot of paneling work

Note: If you鈥檇 like to be consulted by a designer, Drop your contact here

We are a luxury villa interior service provider in Bangalore company that gives custom-designed interiors to fit your requirements. Mayatar has a solid reputation among its clients for meeting design needs on schedule and in a professional way.

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  1. How much is cost of above Interior in the same Villa Project

  2. Excellent work done here on this Villa. Simply fab!!!

    If I may ask on the approx budget for the work executed.

  3. Hi Team

    I am looking for interior of a 4 BHK villa. Earthen contemporary rustic theme.