Privacy Policy

At Mayatar Pvt Ltd we are committed to ensure the privacy policy of your personal details. We value the certitude that you possess on us. We collect and store only relevant customer information with highest reliability and formal standards to protect your information and offer safe, effective and protected service.

  • We collect only required customer details.
  • Contact details, such as user name, email address, phone number and delivery address.
  • We would require/have the data stored on previous orders and transaction which includes the name of the product, transaction details.
  • We collect demographics to service your request, fix issues, endorse a secure service, to update on offers.
  • The cookies that store data on the web browser enable the browser to remember the details specific to the customer.
  • We measure the login session and the time spent on the website by the customer.
  • Our new deals, offers and other such promotions will reach your mail and mobile through the personal information we have collected.
  • User’s order placement details will be secured and all transactions are over secured internet connections using high-end technology.

Policy Changes may periodically update its privacy and security policy for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed. Any changes made will be posted here. By visiting our website you agree to accept any changes made to this policy.


Cookies are used to document diverse facet of your visit to the website and let us assist in providing you with uninterrupted services.
The unidentified information is maintained emphatically and is not linked to the personal information that share with us. We utilize the cookies to

  • Verify and validate your login details
  • Authorize the security attribute
  • To display advertisement on your browser (optional)
  • Upgrade and expand the quality and properties of the website

In addition to the cookies, we gather the user data to empower us to comprehend you better so that we can improve

  • Customer experience
  • Aid our customer support team
  • Avoid fraud and scams
  • To provide relevant orders and to ease the access.


User information that we possess in order to complete a transaction and to arrange for a delivery, it is deemed that you have consented for us to consider and carry out the transaction using your personal information.


For any query, grievance and other information mail us at