Luxury interior design Bangalore 3BHK Duplex @ Luxuria


Sattva Luxuria is a 3BHK Luxury interior residential project is located in the heart of Bangalore city center near World Trade Center which has an area of about 4000sqft.

Moving to a new city at the age of 55 is a significant life change. Dr. Nithya Roy is a well-known orthopedist. This project’s budget is 40 lakhs.

It was critical for us to understand clients taste and space in order to construct a modern paradise. It was not just a house that we designed, but it was also our fourth luxury project. Elegant design and age appropriate, luxury design with black and white theme.

Luxury interior design Bangalore 3BHK Duplex Sattva Luxuria

The living area is all wood elements with grey marble highlights; fabrics provide shades of grey. Self-textured wallpaper and custom-built full-length furniture provide desired character and maintain our concept across the rooms.

Luxuria 8 -

The white marble dining table set with crisp linens and stylish brassware is the perfect setting for quiet

Luxuria 7 -
Luxuria 15 -
Luxuria 14 -
Luxuria 13 -

Simple black themed bedroom with a modern headboard and furniture to match. The room is a relaxing retreat to get away from the noise of the city and just relax. The black color theme is a simple way to make the most premium of the space without feeling too dark. The large window gives you a great view of the city, and the ottoman stool is a great place to sit and get ready for the day.

Luxuria 12 -
Luxuria 11 -
Luxuria 6 -
Dining Room
Luxuria 4 -
Master Bedroom

The master bedroom exemplifies the Modern Contemporary design style. A faint circle theme runs throughout.

This kid’s bedroom, designed in a modern style with a twist of ceiling lights, is intended to provide a quiet place for them to sleep and retreat when they need some peace and quiet. The bedroom has a study table that doubles as a play area when the kids are busy, as well as black open book shelves for them to store their books and keep them close at hand when they need them.

Luxuria 1 -

The circular concepts used throughout the room are intended to give the children a sense of comfort and space, while the light wood wardrobes add texture and dimension to the space. This design will provide a comfortable and modern environment for the kids to return to when they need to relax and recharge, with the additional storage

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