Modern Interior Bedroom Design in Bangalore

Bedroom Design

In almost any living space, grey is everything you want it to be. Its abilities are compatible with living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, so it is natural that they would work beautifully in a bedroom design. However, many of our Indian friends and families do not prefer grey for their dream home. Simply because they believe they are unlucky. (Interior design by

This concept depicts the extension of grey across a variety of color solutions. It’s paired with a brighter blue here. It works well with bright reds, oranges, and purples, and its muted hues complement and contrast with a wide range of design solutions. For a couple, a bachelor or a bachelorette.

Bedroom Design

This room design demonstrates the modern use of pop on the wall or on the ceiling with all straight parallel lines which are light strip.

Modern Touch Bedroom 03 -
Modern Touch Bedroom 04 -

Not to mention that using large window walls that extend from floor to ceiling will make the room feel larger. increased the amount of light in the room. Lounge Chairs by Herman Miller

Modern Touch Bedroom 05 -

The modern and minimalist TV Unit is the focal point of this master suite. It is surrounded by a beautiful large wardrobe design that serves as both a wall and storage. The use of two straight horizontal lines around the television unit indicates to the eye that there is no wardrobe.

Modern Touch Bedroom 04 -

Designing for a home with this design isn’t easy or cheap, but it can make the efforts worth it.

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