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Assetz Marq project offering sustainable homes that bring you closer to nature! Property is close to the market, mall, bus stop, park. Metro connectivity within a kilometer away

Client requirements : The master bedroom design should be with golden wood accents and a custom king size bed as a whole package to mimic a suit room.

A bedroom is much more than a place to sleep at night, it is a true sanctuary. It is a place to relax, reflect, and be yourself, gaining back calm after a long day of work. It is where you can escape the noise and chaos of the world, and find refuge from it all. So, it’s no surprise that the world’s greatest architecture and design firms have placed a lot of focus on the bedroom since the birth of the modern home. In fact, the bedroom has become a design space of its own, where architects and designers can play with scale, shape, style, and color to create the most intimate and inspiring spaces.

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A bedroom should be comfortable and beautiful, but it should also be functional for your purposes. When considering bedroom design ideas, you may find yourself determining how much storage you require, the size of the bed that will fit, whether you require bedside tables with drawers, and so on!

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The walls of the master bedroom are decorated with golden pine wood in brick pattern and highlighted black grooves. The material used in this project is wood veneer 

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Full length 3 door sliding wardrobe with 6 drawers and 8 shelves is a modern update of an old classic. This trendy closet has a modern, sleek feel. This is an excellent choice for a high-ceilinged master bedroom.

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Lighting, colours, and texture are all key considerations in bedroom design. A darker and moodier bedroom can be rather restful, but a lighter one can be quite energetic! Colors like red are rarely used in the bedroom, however blue is very popular due to its calming impact. 

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The bedroom’s interiors are complemented by a TV console with white laminate front handle less drawers and an semi open shelf. The complete television unit is extended to the front, allowing for television installation while concealing the cable connections. Taking advantage of the offset space, an open shelf area is offered as storage of additional goods.

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A framed effect is achieved by wrapping a strip light around the headboard panel.

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A simple artificial ceiling drops, eliminates wires for lighting, and provides provision to install spotlight at required locations without damaging the ceiling molds

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A beautiful golden pine wood laminate finished bed with a padded cushion headboard adds to the space’s comfort.

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