How to find the best Interior Designer for your house? Guide by Interior Guru

best Interior Designer

Finding the best interior designers or decorators can be a bit of a challenge. This article will help you make the right choices.

First, you must ask yourself these questions before moving on to the next steps.

What is my interior project budget?

Many owners think that their investment is too high for the requirements if they say a higher number. On the other hand, owners are not sure for the requirements that they have is within their budget. If they say less, then they will end up getting less.

Due to this reason, they will start taking quotes from multiple designers without realizing the importance of finding a designer who specializes in their segment.

If you have a budget of 1-4 lakhs for an average size 2bhk apartment, we recommend DIY( Do it yourself). if you think you have all the time in the world. Read our Project articles, surf through Pinterest and learn How-to on YouTube, and make a list of items. find a carpenter, painter, plumber, or mason, and buy raw materials. monitor work, show reference photos get the work done.

We recommend finding an interior startup if your budget is between 5-8 lakhs for a standard size 2bhk residence. Advantage of opting a service from interior startup is that you will be able to work with the greatest and most enthusiastic designers who will full fill your dreams. Both Owner and Designer will benefit mutually since designer looks for building a great portfolio, and the Owner looks for value for money invested.

If your budget ranges from 8-20 lakhs for a typical size 2bhk apartment, we recommend that you find a medium experienced professionals in this price category. This is where most designers willing to step in. At this budget range for a 2-bedroom apartment, you can expect a wow feeling.

If your budget is between 20-50 lakhs for a typical size 3BHK House, you may find it easy to choose an interior designer. There are fewer interior architects in the market, so you should seek out a well-known interior architect with plenty of experience to get the best results out of your budget.

Tip: Do not pick a large-scale mass market service provider like HomeLane, Livspace, Bonito, Design Café, or DesignCafé since they will not be able to execute your luxury project with the care it deserves. Luxury projects require craftsmanship, not fast-produced factory products like modular kitchen or modular wardrobe—basically, modular furniture. An eye for details and finishes are imperative as well as plenty of time to execute the project and unique material and products sourced from other countries.

Much like an artist who starts out with a blank canvas and slowly fills in a painting, we take your house and transform it, inch by inch layer by layer, into a visual, livable home. We are extremely selective and dedicated towards the interior projects we undertake. Each project is led personally by Designer

Mayatar works with you to make your home feel like the best version of itself. We design and style your space, adding the final touches that will make all the difference. From elegant lighting to soft furnishings, we bring a space together with a wide array of options for you to choose from. Additionally, we help you add art and sculptures that complement your existing decor and color palette. For an extra special touch, we offer you accessories and collectables that will make your home feel truly luxurious.

best Interior Designer

How to Choose Interior Designers?

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible.

  1. Research your designer’s portfolio before signing anything. It’s important that you feel confident in their ability to bring your vision to life, but also make sure they are open to collaboration and feedback along the way.
  2. Set realistic expectations for what can be done in an allotted time frame (i.e., if you’re planning on moving in two weeks, don’t expect a full completion).
  3. Be clear about your budget before starting work so that nothing gets left out or cut short due to cost constraints later on down the line—this will only lead to more stress later on down the line when you realize something needs repair or replacement after spending months living with it!
  4. Look for a complete turnkey interior service provider so you don’t have to look for another vendor during the project execution and you can focus on the project itself.
  5. When you are dealing with huge money involved in the project. It is important that you find a reputable firm. In order to do this, look for a firm that is registered with the GST. This will ensure that they are legitimate, and that they have been vetted by the government.


Mayatar is the Best luxury Interior Design Service provider in and around in Bangalore. We are a team of professional interior designers who will help you to design your dream house.

We have been doing this since last 6+ years and we have designed more than 250+ houses till now. We have designed luxury houses, bungalows and apartments for our clients all over Bangalore.

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