Is Quartz countertop a great choice for your luxury kitchen ?

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The best stone for kitchen countertops is quartz, as it is near indestructible, making it an ideal choice for homeowners with an occasional spill of turmeric when they have a beautiful countertop. Its non-porous nature doesn’t just protect against stains, it’s also extremely hygienic, making it a food-safe choice. Natural stone doesn’t just provide the look of natural stone, but also is resistant to coffee, lemon juice, and less maintenance.

Quartz countertop

Quartz counter top is an engineered product.

What is Quartz? It’s an engineered product. The quartz counter top is made up of a combination of resins, colorants and filler. When you choose quartz for your kitchen, you are investing in a material that will take care of you: it wears well over time, resists scratches and stains, and maintains its original beauty through years of use.

Though quartz surfacing is sometimes referred to as “engineered” quartz, don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll end up with a synthetic countertop. Expect pure natural quartz (generally upwards of 90 percent) mixed with epoxy resin binders. The care-free surface doesn’t require sealants. Boasting the look of natural stone, quartz surfacing has a consistent color; its color should be very close to what you see in the showroom.

How to maintain quartz countertop

Quartz countertops are durable, easy to maintain and super sleek. With regular cleaning you can keep your quartz countertops looking great.

Cleaning with a mild soap and water solution is recommended. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the surface of your countertop. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners, as they could damage your counters’ finish over time.

Quartz finish

Quartz countertop Quartz finish
Quartz finish

Quartz surfacing is available in colors which are not found in nature, as the crushed stone is generally mixed with pigment. Take advantage, and choose a color that dazzles while still looking like stone. it a great choice if you are looking alternative for granite countertops kitchen


Does not require sealants. Scratch-resistant with diamond-like hardness, you can cut on quartz (excessive force can damage it, however). Consistent color, It’s non-porous nature makes it virtually stain-free, Can be worked into a decorative edge. Heat resistant. Easy cleaning.


It’s a bit expensive compared to other stones. and cut pieces are not available in the market. comes in only 2 sizes with 50sqft and 57sqft. slabs. Buying quartz for small sized kitchen becomes expensive since small sizes are not available.

How much does a quartz countertop cost?

Cost of quartz countertops is bit expensive compared to other stones. price ranges from 450-1500 per square foot. and extra for Installation, loading and unloading.

Quartz is a great option for any budget and taste. Quartz comes in a variety of designs, styles, sizes and shapes to suit every taste and fit any budget.

FactorsMarble/Natural StoneQuartz
Color consistencyNoYes
PorosityHighVery Low
PolishingOnsite polishingReady to use
Cost of onsite polishingExtraNo extra cost
Pinholes & CracksFilling requiredNo filling required
Uniformity in quantity suppliedConstrains are thereNo constrains are there
Laying & Completion timeHighLow
Size consistencyNoYes
Quartz Features

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Quartz is a great choice for your kitchen counters and bathroom counters, as well as other surfaces in your home. It has the beauty of natural stone with all of the strength and durability you need for high-traffic areas. It’s easy to clean and maintain, making it a perfect fit for busy families who want an attractive surface that lasts. Quartz slabs for kitchen is also versatile enough to fit any design aesthetic from rustic country charm to modern minimalism!

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