Kitchen Countertop types


We will discuss most used kitchen countertops in India since they are more popular in present market and widely available. Totally depends on user choice and on your budget. Many of the apartment owners will not have a choice other than granite countertops since the builders provide them. You are lucky enough to select the desired kitchen countertops if builders won’t provide them.

Granite : Many types of natural stone are available for a kitchen countertop, out of these, the most popular option is a solid slab of granite. Beginning life as a quarried slab of solid natural stone, granite countertops are fabricated to specification and installed by professional.

  • Advantages : Solid granite slabs make very heavy and durable countertops. Considered a premium building material, granite countertops tend to improve home real estate values.
  • Disadvantages : Granite is a fairly expensive material based on the selection. No two pieces of granite are alike. Granite is not a DIY friendly material, it must be installed by pros.
Types / PropertiesAppearancePrice (₹) per SQFTStain Resistance / Easy CleanHeat Resistance
GraniteDeep, Rich, Complex and Unique in appearancePrice range from 80-400Sealing granite will make stain free, and Easy cleaning.Virtually impossible to burn
QuartzLook fantastic, Variety, Adds richness, Modern colors and PatternsExpensive, Price range from 450-1500Hold up well against stains and need no sealing, Easy Cleaning.Best at resisting burns and scorching.
Stainless SteelHighly attractive, Everlasting, No VarietyExpensive, Price range from 2500-4000Easy Cleaning, No Stains.Impervious to burns and scorch marks
Solid SurfaceUnmatched Looks, Very attractive, Seamless FinishExpensive, Price range from 450-800No Stains, Easy cleanng,Burn like plastic, Can be scorched easily
LaminateFake lookingPrice range from 50-150Easy to clean, Stains get embedded.Heat Resistant but discolor the surface
Ceramic / PorcelainAttractive, VarietyPrice range from 150-600Yes, But not grout lines between tiles, Regular sealing of the grout lines is mandatory.Heat Resistant, Virtually impervious to scorching or burning.
WoodAttractive, Feels Soft, NaturalPrice range from 400-800Need to keep wood counters sealed.Excellent heat resistance

Although there are those who disagree, quartz countertops, a form of engineered stone is the best of all countertop materials when all factors are considered.

Note : Prices may vary depending on the selection. You need to spend extra for installation.

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