Granite is always a great choice for kitchen countertop

Kitchen granite countertop


Granite is always a great choice for kitchen countertop. Why you may ask? First of all, it’s cheap. A full granite counter tops can be installed and ready to go for less than Rs.10,000.

Granite comes in many colors.

Granite is the most popular countertop material in the world because of its durability and natural beauty. you may be limited to selection, but Black is always a people choice. comes in shades of black, grey, white, pink, green colors. There are unique granites also available in the market from a specific geographic location which are named after place.

Top granite varieties in India

 Kitchen granite countertop nosing
Granite varieties-General
  • Indian black granite – Black beauty, absolute black, black galaxy, jet black, black forest, black premium, and black pearl
  • Indian blue granite – Blue dune, topaz blue, lavender blue Koliwada blue, and imperial blue
  • Indian brown granite – Ivory brown, tan brown, Z brown, desert brown, and coffee brown
  • Indian gold granite – Alaska gold, ivory gold, desert gold, imperial gold, and bianco gold,
  • Indian green granite –Hassan green, apple green, French green, and Kuppam green
  • Indian grey granite – Colombo juparana, Bala flower, steel grey, and jubiliee grey
  • Indian pink granite – Strawberry pink, ghiblee pink, rosy pink, chima pink, English teak
  • Indian red granite – Multicolor red, Jhansi red, Lakha red, and smoka red
  • Indian white granite – Kashmir white, viscon white, p white, imperial white, and river white
  • Indian yellow granite – Royal cream, crystal yellow, Ivory fantasy, and colonial cream

More on Indian granites here

Granite is versatile

Granite can be used in any space, from kitchen to bathroom to living room. It’s versatile and durable, giving it a long life span.

Granite is stain resistant, scratch resistant and easy to clean because of its porous surface that allows water to evaporate quickly. It has been found that granite does not retain bacteria like other materials like plastic or wood do so it is often used in hospitals for countertops because of this feature! Most granite slabs are available in any cut sizes depending on the requirement. It an be used in any type of projects from a typical style projects to luxury projects.

Why Granite can last forever?

Granite is a very hard substance. In fact, it’s one of the hardest natural stones on Earth. And that means your granite kitchen countertops can last for decades if they are properly cared for.

If you want to invest in something that will last, granite is probably your best bet.

For any homeowner, granite is the first choice when it comes to counter tops.

Granite works beautifully in any kitchen—from country to contemporary or industrial modern. In fact, there’s not much that can beat a gorgeous slab of granite countertops for your home improvement project!

Types of kitchen counter tops

The first thing to know is that there are a few types of kitchen counter tops. Granite, quartz, porcelain and wood are the most common. These four materials can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. Glass has recently become more popular as well, but it is not seen on a widespread scale just yet.

Glass has its benefits: it’s easy to clean and won’t stain like other materials might do over time. However, glass tends to be slippery when wet or dry so you’ll want to take extra care when working with glass-top countertops in your kitchen or bathroom!

When choosing between granite and quartz for your kitchen counters consider these things: price (granite tends to cost less), color variation (quartz has more color options than granite), durability and less maintenance each will require over its lifetime (you’ll need less maintenance with granite).

The type of edge will affect how the granite looks and how it performs in your kitchen. If you’re considering granite for your new kitchen countertop, here are some of the most popular options.

 Kitchen granite countertop nosing
Kitchen granite countertop nosing

To bring luxury esthetics out of granite countertops, a metal profiles are used in grouting lines.

 Kitchen granite countertop nosing
Kitchen granite countertop nosing


The next time you look at your current counter top and think to yourself “Is this the best choice for me?” You can answer with a resounding yes!

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