2BHK interiors at Naagarabhaavi


2bhk Interiors At Naagarabhaavi at SLV Parkview Apartments located near Bangalore West.

Complete project is combination dark wood finish and popup colors as highlights. total budget amount Rs.16 lakhs.

Kitchen is a mix of completely shiny acrylic panels of white and wood. Backsplash is supplanted with 4×2 size double gloss tiles to give clean look, which in the long run gives simple admittance to clean by staying away from grout lines.

2bhk Interiors At Naagarabhaavi
SLV Vijay 12 -
SLV Vijay 11 -
2bhk Interiors At Naagarabhaavi
TV Unit

TV Unit framing with stone laminates, Yellow acrylic features edge to exhibit style. whole television unit is made of metal fabrication as a divider for living room & Dining area.

2bhk Interiors At Naagarabhaavi
TV Unit
2bhk Interiors At Naagarabhaavi
Pooja Unit
2bhk Interiors At Naagarabhaavi
Dining area
2bhk Interiors At Naagarabhaavi
Crockery Unit

Black tinted glass shutters crockery cabinet with spot lights in side the cabinet. The light that came from the side of the cabinet illuminated the area around the crockery, but not the crockery itself. The hooded light that illuminated the room was focused on the dining area too.

SLV Vijay 25 -
Dining area
SLV Vijay 7 -
Crockery Unit
SLV Vijay 6 -
Hand wash area

Tiles are selected from Nessa brand Black rose high gloss

SLV Vijay 14 -
Master bedroom tv unit (2bhk Interiors at Naagarabhaavi)
2bhk Interiors at Naagarabhaavi
Master bedroom (2bhk Interiors at Naagarabhaavi)
SLV Vijay 23 -
Master bedroom wardrobe (2bhk Interiors at Naagarabhaavi)
SLV Vijay 22 -
Custom Bed(2bhk Interiors at Naagarabhaavi)
SLV Vijay 17 -
Balcony study area (2bhk Interiors at Naagarabhaavi)

2bhk Interiors at Naagarabhaavi Work Done :

  • Kitchen Backsplash tiles replaced with what the builder had provided.
  • Complete house painting with Asian Royal paint 2 coat
  • Stone Veneer tv back panel, Veneer work on door and window frames.
  • Furniture work includes modular kitchen, 2 Hinged wardrobe, vanity storage for handwash, Living room ceiling paneling, Study tables etc.
  • Surface lighting for complete house
  • CNC deco paint and Toughened frosted glass partition for pooja room.
  • Tile and granite work for kitchen, pooja room and handwash area.

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One thought on “2BHK interiors at Naagarabhaavi

  1. Mayatar did a fantastic job with the interior design of our brand-new home and delivered a high-quality product. Following quite a bit of market research, we selected Mayatar as our design partner without a doubt. All aspects of the project were well handled by the team, from the initial design phase to the renderings and the final execution. We had more than a dozen design review sessions over four months. Our meetings literally took place on weekends every time to discuss all the design elements and to adjust the design to fit our needs. Thanks to the entire team for being patient with our design needs and concerns, and for putting the customer first. Additionally, I would like to thank the execution team – Mr. Sarvesh & all carpenters, painters, electricians – for their support and in ensuring that the final outcome was delivered as promised during the Design phase. Sarvesh ensured all minor concerns were addressed during the execution phase.

    Due to Covid19 lockdowns there was a slight delay, but the team made sure that the quality of the project was top notch.

    Best wishes to the Mayatar team!